A New Generation Manpower recruitment company, We are in the business of providing organizations with full service of recruitment solutions to efficiently screen and select the most qualified candidates for their current job openings. We offer a wide range of recruitment solutions like Recruitment, Staffing and Executive Search. We Provide recruitment solutions in various verticals like Engineering, IT, Retail, Marketing, Financial Services, Hotel, Hospitality, Restaurant, Production and Manufacturing Construction Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Entertainment & Media etc. RANN Management Services Offers Standardization of processes, increased speed / quick Response time and Timely delivery and quality of service at very low cost.


Hire energy, ambition and a hunger to learn. We will help you secure the right talent for your company, no matter who you are or what you do. We’ll get to know your company’s culture, values and goals for the future. We will work closely with you to unearth what makes a top performer for your business, then deliver exactly what you need. We will advise on every aspect of the process – what happens after you make your hires is just as important to us as it is to you – we want you to succeed. Employer branding plays a hugely important part in the process, and many companies get it wrong or just don’t know where to start – we’ll help you out and create the right messages to attract the graduates you want to hire..